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An addiction is a never ending battle and everyone, including friends and family members, should lend their hands to the patient to achieve a full recovery.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is There Life After Rehab?

Is there REALLY life after rehab? Does rehabilitation programs REALLY change a person’s perspective about his addiction and help him turn his life 360 degrees? Can drug or alcohol rehab center REALLY assist a person in overcoming his physical and/or psychological dependency and allow him to recover from the dreadful disease?

Many individuals who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction have difficulty accepting the fact that there is life after rehab. For this reason, many people defy help and continue to allow addiction control over their lives. And once they realize the negative effects that addiction brings, the help they need may be too late.

The Fear of Relapse When Leaving the Rehab Center

Being a Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan has captured the hearts of movie fans with heart-warming movies that deal with teenage crisis. Sad to say, her career collapsed due to alcoholism and drug abuse. When she was interviewed in her last rehabilitation attempt, she admitted that she wanted to stay in the institution because she was afraid that she would not be able to cope when she returns to California.

Her problem is real and most victims of alcoholism suffer from the same dilemma. A victim learns about discipline inside a rehabilitation centre. A patient begins to have an improved self- image and this is the start of a struggle to stay sober. Yet, another challenge begins the moment he goes out of the institution.


Yes, there is. The world offers a healthy, peaceful, and fruitful life ahead. It sounds like a fairy tale, though and fairy tales are based on imaginations. In reality, the world outside rehab has two shades: the light and the dark. It is a tough decision to choose the light and it is even harder to stay enlightened.

How will a former alcoholic or a recovering addict remain sober outside the rehabilitation institution?

Believe That Rehab Can Help

First, believe that there is life after rehab. You won the battle inside the institution and it is now time to continue the battle within you. Believing in the fact that rehab programs you actually experience during your stay at the institution can be utilized in your everyday life plays a huge role.

Keeping Your Mind Busy Will Help You Resist Temptations

The second step is to keep yourself busy once you get out. When your mind is preoccupied with so many things, you won’t even have time to think about having a drink. If possible, go back to work and resume the busy schedule that you are accustomed to. But make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the hard work or you’ll end up finding solace with a drinking spree. Choose to be happy in everything you do and try not to be overwhelmed to avoid negative episodes in your life after rehab.

You Family is Your Ally

Third on the list is to look for a support system. This may include parents, siblings, relatives, friends and co-workers who are more than willing to guide you in your path. The support group will keep you away from trouble and will provide a major boost in you morale. Remember the adage “No man is an island”. You need the constant advice and unwavering love of the people who really matter in your life. Making your loved ones the center of your purpose not only allows you to be motivated but also encourage you to be on the right track every time.

The Purpose of Life is to Find For its Purpose

The fourth step is to pursue a life with a purpose. After getting out of a rehabilitation institution, what is your goal? Do you want to rebuild your life by helping other people? Do you want to enhance your talents and skills? Do you want to continue your previous occupation or do you want to make the big change in your work field? No matter what goal you have, it is important to remain focused. Life ends the moment you stop dreaming. A goal gives you direction; it sets the posts that can guide you as you go on a journey.

Create a Hobby, Not a Habit

Fifth on the line is to cultivate a hobby. What do you enjoy doing most during your spare time? Do something that makes you feel good. Maybe it is time to get physical! Badminton, table tennis, football and the likes will not only boost your energy and stamina but will also make you mentally alert. If you are not a sports buff, try gardening, dancing or other art forms. The essence of your life after drug or alcohol rehab is at the palms of your hands.

Take it One Day at a Time

Last but certainly not the least, focus on TODAY. Try to recall that television commercial from am famous fast food chain, “Hooray for Today”. The moment you get out of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre, try to live your day to day life to the fullest. The fourth step tells you to set a purpose, a goal and after setting your aim, the last step is to make every single day, every waking hour a step forward towards your goal. Letting go of the past and creating a productive present will surely benefit you in the long term.

Lindsay Lohan’s fear to go back to the society or to Hollywood per se is understandable. She foresees a jungle out there and she may soon succumb to the evil calls of alcoholism and drug use. But just like anyone of us, she knows that she has to face her fears sooner or later.

Indeed, there is life after drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is the kind of life which makes you a better person, the quality of life that blossoms from fear to confidence. It will not happen overnight. But every single day is a chance, an opportunity that can be grabbed. Nobody wants to leave this world without a fight for a better life.
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